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Influencer Power Hour

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April 2023

Join Kelly Mirabella for an interactive group session where you will be able to get real time answers to your questions and learn new things about the Influencer Program.

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*Amazon does not endorse this event. Kelly does not work for Amazon and her advice and opinions are her own.

Client Feedback

It is a great honor to serve you

The ABSOLUTE, hands-down, most useful and productive time spent in a zoom meeting! The sheer number of nuances and caveats provided to become a successful amazon influencer was the unparalleled, and all were discussed by Kelly in detail, and demonstrated where feasible. She addressed all questions that participants submitted before AND during the session, and was just so immensely helpful with her suggestions based on her experience. She also addressed many pitfalls for Amazon influencers and freely shared whatever worked for her in her Amazon journey and which helped her become successful. If you are trying to optimise your Amazon influencer role, and make the most money you can, the power hour is an absolute must! Think of it as the investment in yourself, in your business, and the information you will obtain is priceless! I wholeheartedly endorse Kelly’s power hour! I gleaned tons of useful info! It is THE place to get all your questions answered and receive invaluable feedback!! Thank you so very much, Kelly!!

~ Lina